Who had your favorite look from the night? Forbes covers their top contenders here…


We are fans of Matthew McConaughey’s three-piece look by Dolce & Gabbana, seen below.


Anyone who knows us, knows we aren’t afraid to take risks with tuxedo design, always playing around with colors, lapels, trim and textures. But of course, the fit is the most important aspect of any suit and should always be considered first…





Well, she would be our latest addition to the D. Jones family, Ms. Ramsay Hanson. We are beyond thrilled that she has joined the team and look forward to seeing the many great things she is bound to accomplish with us. I had the pleasure of interviewing her about her fashion sense, her background and what she hopes to achieve with us- here is what she had to say…

KC: Where are you from, where did you go to school and what is something unique about your childhood?

RH: I’m from Orlando, Florida and I graduated from Southern Methodist University this past Spring. I have been riding horses competitively since the age of 5 and was recruited by SMU for the equestrian team, which is what brought me to Dallas.

KC: How daring of you to ride competitively- very cool! What do you love about fashion? Which brands are you a fan of, both male and female? What draws you to men’s fashion and the world of custom?

RH: I love the sense of individuality that fashion provides. My high school had a strict dress code so I was always looking for ways to make my outfit unique any way that I could. I am a big fan of Chanel, Balenciaga, Rag & Bone, Alice & Olivia, Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. What draws me to men’s fashion and the world of custom is the opportunity to build a unique wardrobe based on a particular man’s tastes and characteristics, as well as the environment that he lives in and the trends surrounding it. I believe that a unique, custom wardrobe is what leads to a man’s confidence and success.

KC: Couldn’t agree more. What do you hope to offer your clients as a Wardrobe Consultant?

RH: As a Wardrobe Consultant, I hope to offer my clients the best fitting, most stylish and personalized wardrobe possible. My goal is to provide my clients with confidence that they will carry with them in their everyday lives through the sense of pride they gain by looking outwardly appealing to those around them. Additionally, I hope to leave my clients feeling satisfied and comforted by the fact that I will be there to help meet all of their fashion needs.

K: I have no doubt you’ll accomplish that and more. What do you hope to gain from working with D. Jones Clothiers?

R: Aside from the extensive amount of fashion and sales experience, I hope to gain as much knowledge as possible from each member of the incredible team at D. Jones. I feel privileged and grateful for the opportunity to walk into such a positive work environment.

K: Well, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you. Who are you most inspired by in the fashion world?

R: I am most inspired by Alexander McQueen. His lines have such a distinct, yet eclectic style that really promotes his personality. His fashion products really tell a story and a person is able to understand him more as a person simply by viewing his collection.

K: Good one! Yes, he was one of a kind, indeed.

Q: Is it too early to start planning your fall wardrobe?

A: No!

In fact, we just made our first Fall 2014 delivery last week to Mr. John McEvoy. Here is a glimpse of his new three-piece tweed suit with a gorgeous blue houndstooth shirt to compliment the rich browns.


During fashion week for F/W ’14, aside from classics like tweed and houndstooth, the fall lines were all about the “fall”owing trends…

Velvet tuxedos…

velvet tux

Ornate & embellished shoes…

Layering – vest, sweaters, blazers, coats…


Muted tones with pops of color…

Bold plaids – primarily, Valentino…



Although the triple digit weather is not exactly indicative of fall being just around the corner, it is much closer than you may think. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

As we head into the glorious (-ly hot) month of August (a.k.a Drew’s birthday month!) we thought it’d be fun and inspirational to begin putting together the D. Jones “Top 10″ for our readers and fans, monthly.

August’s Top 10 include…

1) Slim-fit pants with ankle show.
DJones-Ervay 2397
2) Bold & print jackets without lining (you know, because it’s 100 degrees out).
3) Continuing our “Sockless Summer” – slippers, oxfords, loafers…
4) Custom knit polos (which we now offer) that can be worn for business (casual) or on the course.
5) Lapel flowers (we offer these as well and are rarely seen without them).
6) Vibrant pocket squares/rounds (offered by yours truly).
7) Tuxedo lapel blazers in vibrant colors (one of our specialties).
8) Colored jackets and pants (yes).
9) Casual transition pieces.
10) Trinity Groves (especially Luck).

The colors you choose to wear every day represent your mood, whether you select them consciously or subconsciously. They also tell others if you know what looks good on you and whether or not you keep up with trends. If you’re taking the time to read this, I’m going to assume you do, in fact, care about these things and will appreciate the following information…

Hot off the press, we have Pantone’s 2014 Fall/Winter colors for men. Be sure to discuss these with us when designing your seasonal attire, and no, it’s not too early to begin this process.


Enjoy and be well,


Last night’s ESPYs proved once again, just how close our world of custom clothing has become with the world of sports. This duo makes complete sense, as the athletes we love to watch are obviously built very differently than most of the general population. If it’s hard for the average guy to find something OTR (off-the-rack) that truly fits, how hard do you imagine it is for these guys? Here are a few of our favorite looks… which were you a “fan” of?

DamienLillard ESPYS

DeMarcusCounsins ESPYS


The colors you wear not only say a lot about you, they also have a lot of say in how you think, feel and remember. Yes- remember! There are no shortages of studies published by everyone from the Huffington Post to HumanHealth.com that detail the many ways in which colors impact our day-to-day lives.

For example, want to elevate your mood? Green is said to help you achieve a relaxed and refreshed state of being. Want to ensure your date goes well? Psychology Today found that women associate men in red with higher statuses and are generally more interested taking things to the next level.

Three Piece Suit

And yet, for many men, the decision to incorporate color into their wardrobes doesn’t come lightly. That’s why our professional custom clothier team has devised this easy to follow guide to help you navigate this Spring’s color trends.

Neutral Ground

Let’s start out easy- for those just beginning to experiment with color, a slate grey, hunter green or crisp ivory are great canvases from which to build. Try getting foundational pieces such as slacks or a sport coat in these and other earthy tones. Then, mix in pops of color.

A fiery red under your grey or off-white base will ensure you stand out in a crowd. Quick tip: feeling like a crimson hue might be too loud? Try out a shade in the orange spectrum! For example, pantone’s Celosia Orange is a little more casual, but doesn’t skimp on sophistication.


Calm, cool & collected

Notoriously easy to pair, the blue family is a step up on the color wheel without being too much of a stretch for those new to the color game.

As an alternative to these and other classic neutrals listed above, a light and airy Placid Blue or smooth mint just screams spring. Stick to other cool colors including Hemlock green or a refined, yet slightly muted Purple Haze for a creative take on the classic hue. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go bold with bright yellow.

Getting a bit warm under the collar

As temperatures rise, don’t be afraid to turn up the heat on your menswear either! Recently, Pantone announced its color of the year, Radiant Orchid, an expressive yet confident shade which holds up against its high voltage counterparts including Dazzling Blue and Cayenne Red.

However, if you’re still working your way up to full-blown color, try peppering it in with your accessories. Bold colored loafers and ties have been seen all over the runways and add just the right dash of gusto to your everyday wear.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of how to channel the mood you want without looking color illiterate, you can be extra mindful next time you’re poking around in your closet.

Color bombs away!

With this simple guide from our professional clothier team, we can help you answer that age old question- patterned or solid tie?

As a very general rule, you want to pair patterned ties with solid shirts and solid ties with patterned shirts. Pretty simple, right? But where’s the fun in merely playing it safe? Certainly won’t earn you any points with that cutie you’ve been eyeing in the finance department.

By keeping these basics in mind- and the intimidation of branching out at bay- watch in amazement as your current wardrobe makes a marked transformation and launches you into dapper Dan status.

Again, generally speaking, the shirt you choose will largely determine the kind of tie you’ll want to pair with it. We’ve made this easy for you by breaking down our suggestions by shirt type starting with the most prevalent: solid/colored, striped, and checkered.

First rule: commit this one to memory folks; the shade of your tie should always be darker than the color of your shirt, no exception.


Solid/Colored Shirts
Perhaps not surprisingly, solid white button downs are going to offer you the most versatility. In this case, to avoid looking too ‘safe’ make sure your tie is the focal point. Do this with color, pattern, texture or all the above. A pin stripe, Gingham check or knitted options are good additions to any closet.

For solid color options, you’ll want to make sure any colors are complimentary. (See this color wheel for details.) If both shirt and tie are colored, make sure the tie picks up color elements from the hue of your shirt.

Striped Shirts
Pattern mixing 101: always vary the size of the patterns you combine. In other words, fight the instinct to get too matchy-matchy. For example, if the stripes on your shirt are thin, you’ll need to scale up to a larger patterned tie. When opting for something more substantial like a butcher’s stripe shirt, an understated tie works best.


Feeling adventurous? Why not try varying the orientation of the stripes themselves! For instance, set your tie apart from the vertical stripes on your shirt with a diagonal pattern around the neck. Or you could forego the stripes all together and test out polka dots, paisley or a structured geometric design.

Checkered Shirts
Most important takeaway here: check shirts always require that your tie sport a bigger pattern or you run the risk of it becoming lost.

Don’t be afraid to combine stripes with check shirts. Just be sure to choose a pattern with a thick, bold stripe so that it can stand up against the pattern on your shirt. Same rules apply for polka dots!

However, if we were you, we’d avoid using any patterns which are too intricate including paisley or geometrics- they’re too busy for a check backdrop.

DJones-Ervay 2529

*As a side note: When it comes to tie texture, we typically recommend avoiding anything that’s too shiny or smooth, and if choosing between standard and skinny options, a good rule of thumb is to keep your tie as close to the width of your suit lapel as possible.

Et voila! Follow these simple rules and you’ll no longer be victim to safe, predictable easy street-i.e.: plain tie with indistinguishable white dress shirt. Get ready to turn some heads!


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If American women emulate their French counterparts, who do well-dressed American men look to? The Brits, of course. No one carries off cool elegance like an Englishman. And though it would be difficult (and foolish) for an American to adopt a posh British accent, a dash of English style adds sophistication to any man’s wardrobe. Those wishing to embrace British style should consider the following suggestions:

Make your suit a three-piece with the addition of a waistcoat. Note that the Brits do not call this garment a vest. A vest is an undershirt.

three piece suit

If you choose to forego a waistcoat, wear braces. These are not the apparatus worn on the teeth of teenagers, but are commonly called suspenders in America. In Britain, do not say you are wearing suspenders unless you are wearing garters.

Trousers or slacks should fit snugly, but not tightly. British men do not wear their pants in public, as pants are synonymous with underwear.

Make sure your clothes are properly tailored, including your waistcoat.

Wear plaid, especially Glenplaid or Prince of Wales. If your heavy shirt is plaid, don’t call it flannel. That’s a facecloth.

Do not wear trainers (tennis shoes or sneakers to Americans), or God forbid, flip-flops.

DJones-Ervay 2111

Always wear a jacket, whether you’re dining at the club or at a pub. Houndstooth is a well-deservedly popular fabric for a sport coat. Looking for a spring jacket? Though you’re unlikely to find a lightweight off-the-rack jacket, custom jackets can be made in fabrics perfect for warmer weather.

Image Source:


Whether giving a sales presentation at a conference or on the campaign trail, running for local office, dressing properly for a public speaking event is crucial. We would love to say that all that one must do is put on a custom suit to be ready for anything, but the truth is, every public speaking event is different, and one must adjust how to dress for the type of event being attended. These rules will help the public speaker look his best for the important moment:

Overcoming Nerves

Even the best public speakers get nervous, so when considering what to wear, be sure to choose breathable fabrics. A silk or cotton shirt (combined with a good antiperspirant) will help one remain cool and confident.

fall line 9

First Impressions

Before an audience hears the speaker, they will see the speaker. So, dress well and pay attention to details such as breath and personal grooming, especially when there is a chance of being up close and personal with the audience. When attending a black-tie event, make sure to wear a formal custom suit or tux. A public speaker needs to be dressed at least as formally, and often a bit more so, than the audience. If the public speaking event is at a weekend conference, at a golf resort, for example, and everyone is attending the conference in shorts and polo shirts, the speaker should wear custom-fit slacks and a dress shirt.

Stay On Your Feet

If standing up for quite a while, be sure to wear shoes that will provide support. To remain standing, be sure to eat something with protein prior to the event to prevent fainting on stage. Also, keep water nearby for the inevitable dry throat.


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