Whether giving a sales presentation at a conference or on the campaign trail, running for local office, dressing properly for a public speaking event is crucial. We would love to say that all that one must do is put on a custom suit to be ready for anything, but the truth is, every public speaking event is different, and one must adjust how to dress for the type of event being attended. These rules will help the public speaker look his best for the important moment:

Overcoming Nerves

Even the best public speakers get nervous, so when considering what to wear, be sure to choose breathable fabrics. A silk or cotton shirt (combined with a good antiperspirant) will help one remain cool and confident.

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First Impressions

Before an audience hears the speaker, they will see the speaker. So, dress well and pay attention to details such as breath and personal grooming, especially when there is a chance of being up close and personal with the audience. When attending a black-tie event, make sure to wear a formal custom suit or tux. A public speaker needs to be dressed at least as formally, and often a bit more so, than the audience. If the public speaking event is at a weekend conference, at a golf resort, for example, and everyone is attending the conference in shorts and polo shirts, the speaker should wear custom-fit slacks and a dress shirt.

Stay On Your Feet

If standing up for quite a while, be sure to wear shoes that will provide support. To remain standing, be sure to eat something with protein prior to the event to prevent fainting on stage. Also, keep water nearby for the inevitable dry throat.