The 86th Academy Awards, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, aired last night and was one of the most exciting Oscar nights in quite some time. Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role were Christian Bale, American Hustle; Bruce Dern, Nebraska; Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street; Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave; and Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club.


This year’s leading man nominees were clad in a variety of fashion styles, both in their respective films and off camera. American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club are both set in the ’70s, making the on-screen styles more difficult to emulate without looking too dated (not to mention the amount of weight loss required to pull off McConaughey’s role).

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Each of the nominated actors modeled considerably different styles, and when watching the Oscars this weekend, we hope you took the opportunity to identify which celebrity on the red carpet most inspires your fashion. By determining which celebrity’s style is preferable, a man can often determine his own style preferences. Our style quiz uses images of well-dressed celebrities to help the men who take our quiz articulate their preferences so that we can create custom suits and styles that best align with their personalities.

Let the Academy Award season serve as your inspiration to determine your style.


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If you have watched the motion picture, The Matrix Reloaded, you may remember the scene in which Neo is fighting replicated copies of Mr. Smith, hundreds of copies dressed in black suits, black ties and white shirts. Sometimes that’s how it feels when you walk through any office or attend virtually any business event: You do not see individuals; you see facsimile drones in black suits.


Stand Apart

Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style. ~ John Fairchild.

A man in a black suit is not a drone unless he is in a black suit because he thinks that is what he should wear. Color is not the enemy of style, rather it is the perfect expression of your personality.

If you would rather wear purple, like Patrick Nelson is wearing in his DJones custom suit pictured below, then wearing the black suit can be a form of personal sabotage. If a full suit in a different color isn’t something that is permitted in your workplace, consider adding a vest, pocket round and a colorful shirt.



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They are like the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae or marshmallows in hot cocoa. They aren’t necessary, but they give your treat a finished look. Accessories are the finishing touch every man needs to look completely put together from head to toe. Here are a few accessories to consider:



Hats aren’t appropriate for every occasion, but if you are trying to capture a style, need to formalize your black-tie look or just want to emulate James Spader in The Blacklist, you need a hat.


From a gold watch to a diamond ring, sometimes all you need to complete your look is a little bling. How much you wear depends on your own style, but we believe quality is more important than quantity.


Once you realize that you can’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit, shoes become an accessory. From brown leather Oxford wingtips to suede loafers minus the socks, shoes can be the perfect way to complete your look.

Belts or Suspenders

If you’re wearing a custom suit and your pants fit well, you shouldn’t need a belt, so wearing a belt often becomes a choice and an accessory. When you don’t need a belt to hold up your pants, you can also choose suspenders to create a fabulous, finished look.

The Cherry on Top

Sometimes, the only accessory you need is a finishing touch. A bow tie, lapel flower or pocket round adds a perfect touch of personality to your spring attire.


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In addition to being an international sporting competition that highlights athletic ability and sportsmanship, the Olympics are a fashion show. And in addition to all of the fanfare that is a part of the Olympics spectacle, the Parade of Nations is essentially one long fashion runway, and what is seen at Opening Ceremonies will be trending for months. Here’s how to bring home a some Olympic-inspired fashion gold:

Whether you’re in Sochi or just want to feel like you are, this Polo Ralph Lauren Team USA Ceremony Reindeer Hat is a must-have. Tassled, ear-flapped winter hats might have finally been on their way out, but this will bring them back in style, likely through next few winters.


Ralph Lauren also created the Team USA patchwork cardigan for the opening ceremonies, but it was not well received, with bloggers and social media critics having their say.

“Just saw the Team USA ugly Christmas sweaters up close on Today. Does Ralph Lauren hate America?” tweeted @MeredithBlake.

“Wow what did Ralph Lauren do to Team USA uniform for Sochi like wow this isn’t an ugly sweater competition in case you didn’t know” tweeted @hyej523

Patchwork fashion, however, will get a boost, thanks to the jackets designed by Burton for the USA Snowboarding Team. This more-subtle take on Americana offers an inspiring new look on and off the slopes. Watch for patchwork to stick around long after all the medals have been handed out.


What did you think of Olympic fashion this year?

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Over and above being a prolific actor, from Less Than Zero to Boston Legal, James Spader always looks like he just stepped from the pages of a fashion magazine. Spader is currently starring in The Blacklist, currently TV’s number-one show, according to TV Guide. While Spader’s role is not the first in which he has enjoyed the spotlight and managed to make fashion look easy, it’s definitely where we’ll find him at his best-dressed best.

Hollywood-Inspired Fashion: Dressing Like Red

We can’t help you capture that sardonic look of confidence Spader has developed playing Raymond “Red” Reddington, but you can certainly emulate his fashion.

  • The shirt: Paul Stuart; crisp, perfectly pressed, and always with a thin pinstripe
  • The pants: Ermenegildo Zegna; in navy, gray, or black – perfectly fitted and imminently practical for a quick escape
  • The vest: an absolute necessity, always buttoned
  • The tie: subtle designs, perfectly tied, always coordinated to the pinstripe color in the shirt


And it’s always, of course, the details that complete the look. To perfectly emulate Spader as Red in The Blacklist, you will need a fedora and a Loro Piana navy cashmere overcoat.

Does Spader’s look in The Blacklist inspire you?


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In our previous post, we emphasized the importance of a custom suit jacket in order to achieve the proper fit. Today we’ll continue talking about the importance of custom suits for better-fitting pants.

Off-the-rack pants might be easier to find in a size that fits your waist and height, but when you create a custom suit, you are also making sure that the pants fit well in other areas: smooth across the rear, no bunching at the top of the leg, the perfect length and hem break, and not too baggy around the leg.


Pants that fit well look good whether you’re standing or sitting, walking or even kneeling. Pants that fit well move with you; you shouldn’t need to constantly make adjustments to your waist to be comfortable. More than that, however, custom suit pants simply look better.

It is not possible to obtain that made-for-you look off a rack. So when it’s important for you to look your best – whether you’re making a presentation to an important client, walking the red carpet or being interviewed on ESPN – only a custom suit will do.


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You can find a decent-fitting suit off the rack, but if you’re looking for a custom suit that is created specifically for your body and gives you the confidence to go anywhere and accomplish anything, there are a few details that you just can’t find when shopping for a suit in a warehouse or department store.

The Custom Suit Jacket

Investing in a custom suit is the only way to get a jacket that fits every part of you – from your shoulders to your waist to your sleeves. Often what happens when you buy off the rack is that you get a jacket that fits through the shoulders only. As a consequence, you will often find that the sleeves are too long (the sleeves should reveal about a half an inch of your shirt cuff) and that the jacket is too big or too small across the waist when buttoned. A custom suit is tailored to fit your body, and it takes more than 40 measurements to do it right.


In our next blog, we’ll discuss the difference a custom suit can mean when being fitted for your pants. There is more to achieving the right fit than just height and waist.


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Valentine’s Day is coming, when couples traditionally profess their love for someone new by sharing a romantic evening on the town. But even if you’re not planning a magical night with that special someone, knowing how to dress for that special date can make the difference in whether or not you share a second one. And in this techno-dating era, it’s just as likely that you’ve met your partner virtually before meeting him or her in person. So, making a good first impression when you do finally meet now invites even more pressure.

Making a Great First Impression

First dates are as much about honesty as anything else, so while you want to “dress to impress” you also want to be yourself. Hopefully, the night out will also reflect that, and your clothing should hinge on what you plan to do. Before you prepare for your night out, review our rules for first-date dressing:

  1. Choose clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.
  2. Dress up but be true to who you are, too.
  3. Don’t try too hard to be creative or extraordinary.
  4. Dress appropriately for the venue.
  5. Remember the importance of grooming.

Dressing for a Date: Dressed Up


Are you planning to dine at a five-star restaurant or attend the opera house? Wear your best fitted suit, but let your personality show in the colors you choose for your shirt, tie and pocket square. Details that matter: polished shoes, clean fingernails and a crisp, clean shirt.

Dressing for a Date: Casual Fun


You can borrow ideas from your business casual wardrobe to pull off this date. Whereas it’s easy to dress for the five-star restaurant, achieving the right balance between casual and “I care enough to dress well” can be more difficult in this instance. A sport coat can finish the look without seeming like you’re trying too hard.

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We keep coming back to it, but this point will be a common thread throughout our blog: Details matter.

It is the smallest of details that make a difference in fashion. You may be wearing a perfectly-fitted three-piece suit, but if the shirt underneath is too big on you, wrinkled or so worn out that the neck stain is permanently embedded, all of your efforts will be undermined. Details do matter, which is why it’s something we’ll keep talking about. The three details that matter most, from our perspective, are: fit, comfort and quality.



Yes; it’s less expensive to buy off the rack, and sometimes you will find something that fits reasonably well. But the first time you put on a fitted suit that has been tailored to fit your body, you’ll understand the difference – the difference you feel when you wear a suit that moves with you without needing a readjustment, the difference of sporting a suit jacket that doesn’t make you feel constricted but rather feels a part of you. Obtaining the perfect fit with your clothing, from hats to suits to shoes, is crucial.


When you’re uncomfortable, it shows. If you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit properly or aren’t your style, you won’t be comfortable. Lack of comfort leads to lack of confidence, and it really can make a difference in how you approach your day.


Clothing is an investment. Men should build their wardrobes over time, with high-quality core pieces. Fashion trends come and go, and you can incorporate pieces into your core wardrobe to remain fashion forward, but quality never goes out of style.

What details are important to you?

One of the most common questions we are asked is on the subject of how to achieve a business-casual dress-code look without looking like you’re ready for the weekend. In terms of fashion, you walk a fine line when dressing in business casual attire. You don’t want to look too overdressed – like you’re trying to hard – but you don’t want to send the message that you’re counting down the hours to Sunday either.

Rules to keep in mind in a business-casual environment:

  1. Casual does not mean sweats, shredded jeans or open-toed shoes or thongs.
  2. Casual doesn’t imply “unprofessional.”
  3. Business casual does not mean that you don’t have to worry about wrinkles.
  4. When in doubt, dress for more, not less.

To create a business-casual look that won’t strip you of your professionalism, pay attention to the details. You may not have to wear a suit and tie, but you can still look great wearing a pressed button-down Oxford, a pair of chinos and a sport coat. If jeans are acceptable attire in your office, choose dark-colored jeans that fit well and have no holes. And remember to tuck in your shirt.

Dressing to meet a business-casual dress code can be more difficult than simply putting on a suit each day. Here are some great business casual styles to inspire you.







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