“Everyone that sees me wearing D. Jones is always amazed by it. I love all of the details of my suits, especially that I can do my autograph on my shirt cuff. I’m able to represent myself a lot through the clothes and every time I step out of the house wearing D. Jones, my confidence level is through the roof.”

“The D. Jones experience was amazing. When I met with him and got to know him, I could tell he wanted me to feel better by looking better. He educates you about style and fashion and that’s not something you can get everywhere. He’s a great guy with a great personality and when we talk, we always have the same mentality. Hopefully we’ll stay working together for a long time.”

Thanks for your kind words, Elvis. You are such a great and talented guy, and we truly appreciate your business but more importantly, your friendship. @elvisandrusSS1


Goes to…

Fall fashion is in full effect…

Our newest Associate Wardrobe Consultant, Leah Davis, grew up in Abilene, Texas and attended Oklahoma State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design. Her college career took her to Milan, Italy where she spent a summer studying Fashion Illustration. Following her graduation in 2008, she moved to the island of Maui where she worked as an art consultant and jewelry designer for a world renowned art gallery. After living there for four years she decided to move back to Texas and continue her career in the fashion industry. We are so glad to have you on board, Leah!

(We have a whole slew of great “how-to’s” in store on the new website, launching next week- this is a sneak peek at some of the info to come…)

1) Use only high quality wooden hangers to hang your menswear and avoid cramming them too tightly in your closet.

2) Stick to the 2-1 rotation rule; if you wear suits 5 times a week, you need at least 10 that you’ll actually wear in your rotation. This limits wear and tear on the seat and elbows, which is inevitable with any suit over time, but can at least be slowed down with this method.

3) Avoid stuffing your pockets with anything heavy like keys/change. This will prevent putting unnecessary strain on the seams.

4) Use a clothes brush on your suit after every wear. This helps keep it clean and looking good.

5) For protection, store each suit in a breathable garment bag, like the one D. Jones provides with every suit at every delivery.

6) Dry clean your suits only when necessary (at least once a season) and in between, simply have them pressed or steamed.

This week’s winner is…

Looks like you guys are ready for some fall weather… let your wardrobe consultant know you want to check out our latest and greatest fall sport coat fabrics at your next appointment. You won’t be sorry.

My first D. Jones experience- I remember not knowing what to expect and then by the end of it, I was having so much fun I didn’t want it to be over. I left the meeting excited for the next one and especially excited for the delivery. 

When I put on a D. Jones suit, I know that wherever I go, even if it’s into a new situation, I’m comfortable because I know that what I have on fits and feels good, that it looks great and I know that it’s mine. If you’re in the business world, you understand that it’s all about competition and how important it is to make a first impression. Your product could be very similar to someone else’s, so it comes down to something small that you present that may set you apart from someone else, and that may be something unexpected. The way that you present yourself can make all the difference between your client saying that’s a company- that’s a man- I want to work with.

I’m an engineer by trade, and we are all about the details, which is what I appreciate about a D. Jones suit. Every measurement is on point, and I can tell the suit was really built around me and not for some average person first, like most other companies.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Ryan.


“I’ve had many custom suits made for me, but the reason why I chose D. Jones and why I stick with D. Jones is because they actually get it. They listen to what the customer wants, and they give the customer just that. They understood my needs, and they produce over and over again what I want. The experience is comfortable- it’s like you’re shopping with your best friend who’s got just as much style as you do.

I always know what I want, but how they’ve helped me is that they’ve streamlined the process. They listen to what the customer wants, they understand what your style is and they provide you with the items that bring your style to life. Their fabrics are unbelievable, their service is incredible and they can give me the details that I want. Most importantly, they want you to be happy with what you’re wearing. I know that when I walk into a room wearing D. Jones, no one in the room looks like me.

You don’t have to be a supermodel to have a sense of fashion, but you do have to have some coordination, and some style to get attention and the D. Jones crew can help you out with that.”

Thanks for the kind words, Jackson. We really value our relationship with you and look forward to many great times (and great suits) ahead…

Last night’s VMA’s gave us much to talk about- Miley going crazy, JT proving it is in fact possible to go from boy band member to being the most sought after man in show biz- but as far as the fashion goes, we just want to know who you think wore it best…

We are going to say Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…

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