As we head into the glorious (-ly hot) month of August (a.k.a Drew’s birthday month!) we thought it’d be fun and inspirational to begin putting together the D. Jones “Top 10″ for our readers and fans, monthly.

August’s Top 10 include…

1) Slim-fit pants with ankle show.
DJones-Ervay 2397
2) Bold & print jackets without lining (you know, because it’s 100 degrees out).
3) Continuing our “Sockless Summer” – slippers, oxfords, loafers…
4) Custom knit polos (which we now offer) that can be worn for business (casual) or on the course.
5) Lapel flowers (we offer these as well and are rarely seen without them).
6) Vibrant pocket squares/rounds (offered by yours truly).
7) Tuxedo lapel blazers in vibrant colors (one of our specialties).
8) Colored jackets and pants (yes).
9) Casual transition pieces.
10) Trinity Groves (especially Luck).